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Our mission is to consistently deliver value to our clients, better than any one else, through recruitment solutions and staffing services that enable efficient hiring of human resources of appropriate capabilities and qualities.

We specialize in the recruitment of software professionals at all levels - software programmers, software engineers, project leaders, project manager, architects, database administrators, systems administrators, business managers. We service the requirements of top information technology companies in India and overseas, covering the entire gamut of the software space.

Our services are managed by highly qualified professional Manpower specialist consultants with several years of experience. Through a unique combination of skills, competencies, knowledge and favorable experience. The company recognizes and caters for the special personnel needs of clients in the various industries


We provide comprehensive and customized training on latest technologies, applicable to an individual or a company.

We unleash the human potential within the organization, and make it work for us. In today's volatile environment our people are our most powerful asset. We provide customized training solutions and tools, to retain highly talented and productive employees.

Our customized programs are practical, our content is relevant and our trainers are engaging. We address the issues important to our clients, and provide powerful, real-world solutions. The results translate into increased revenue, more creativity, better team cohesion, and a stronger competitive advantage

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