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A major challenge of building and running and IT support group is creating a support structure that channels problems and services to the best resource, while maintaining effective management and customer satisfaction. The Nexsus Technical Support Group (TSG) enables delivering of quality support services, which involves preventive problem solving that extends towards a continual and encompassing mode of operation.Successful operation of automatic recovery

Nexsus TSG Operating Model

Managing the People

Nexsus TSG has a highly refined people practice, which involves recruiting, retaining and training employees to have the right skills for providing high-quality customer service and being able to problem-solve technical issues.

Managing the Problem

The process of problem management involves the ability to log, track, escalate, and report on a wide variety of data including calls, online history, call types, caller ID and downtime outage statistics. In Nexsus TSG each problem has one, and only one, clearly defined problem owner with clear accountability to manage overall situation to acceptable resolution.

Managing the Knowledge

Knowledge Management (KM) is a key element in Nexsus TSG that provides proactive support. It is a business process, enabled by a tool for managing the problem resolution information relating to past incidents.

Managing the Service

Service Level Management involves the activities and services covered by an SLA and must be built around measurable events. These events ensure the SLA is meeting performance standard and customer expectations are being met.

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